Notice of Electronic Filing: 5-21-2024

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The following transaction was entered on 5/21/2024 at 4:04 PM PDT and filed on 5/20/2024

Case Name:White v. Coffman et al
Case Number:3:24-cv-00755-JR
Document Number:23

Docket Text:
Service Papers Received. Summons issued as to Mark Bransom, Dave Coffman, Klamath River Renewal Corporation. Summons, USM 285 form(s), and copies of the Complaint and Order to Proceed in forma pauperis forwarded to the U.S. Marshals Service for service. (Attachments: # (1) Attachment USM 285 Form) (fp)

3:24-cv-00755-JR Notice has been electronically mailed to:

David White

Julia E. Markley

Megan K. Houlihan

3:24-cv-00755-JR Notice will not be electronically mailed to:

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