A Salmon Protection Device

To prevent Sea Lions from eating them as they enter the fish ladder at Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River

A Passion for The Environment

Our Story

I knew Steve Cramer since the early 1990’s. Steve was working on salmon research as Cramer fish sciences. Through the years Steve and I had talked about the idea of Salmon Protection Devices (SPD) to prevent the sea lions from attacking the salmon as they enter the fish ladders at Bonneville. Unfortunately, Steve passed away of cancer Spring of 2023.

In January 2023 I talked with Steve and he said he wasn’t going to live much longer and he wanted me to make the SPD a reality. I saw ODFW funding available in December 2023 and applied for it. Then contacted the Army Corp of Engineers. They like the idea and are rushing the Section 408 and Joint application. These normally take one year and they said they will finish in one month. We also received the fish ladder drawings from the Corp. If we receive the funding in April we will try to make and install the first one in December 2024.

It will contain a name plate of Steve Cramer.

Then I found out what happened at Green Peter Dam in Western Oregon. It was the wrong solution.

I went to the dam with my sister to take some pictures. I talked with an operator of the dam and he said they don’t agree with the judge’s ruling. Also he said the fish all died because of the extra turbidity. I called Ivan one of the writer of the manuscript and in twenty minutes he agreed with me we need to dredge behind the dam. My sister heard him agree.

Then I found out what they are doing the Klamath dams is wrong. I wrote a document. The Provost at the School where I am dean of College science (hymarkacademy.us) has a degree in journalism. He made the lawsuit and articles perfect.

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News and Articles

  • Injunction Filed: No Rate Increases

    Injunction to be filed: No Rate Increases

    Our Injunction to stop the removal of Klamath River dams in Oregon and California was sent to Cindy Crane of PacificCorp on 2/25/2024. Everyone please call 1-888-221-7070 and say no rate increases and Cindy needs to have their attorney file this asap!

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  • Green Peter Dam Tragedy

    Green Peter Dam Tragedy

    Our media article to be sent week of January 8th about the wrong decision on Green Peter dam. Contrary to recent legal rulings, science, properly understood, strongly suggests that manmade dams are not in fact causing depletion of Salmon populations on the Columbia River and its tributaries. A closer look at the recent judicial decision…

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Hydroelectric Dams are not the issue for Northwestern United States Salmon Runs

The Sea Lions, which are not natural in the Columbia river, are decimating the Salmon Runs. The Sea Lions wait at the downstream side of the fish ladders at Bonneville Dam and eat their fill of Salmon swimming into the ladder entrance. This issue is well known. Any person who fishes on the Columbia river either has heard about it or seen it first hand. ODFW Biologists who check fishing tags know this also.

Our device will prevent Sea Lions from getting the salmon.

Proposal under consideration for $2.1 million from ODFW. After submitting the proposal I went to this website link and talked to Andy Spyka. After explaining this to him he said the commission is very excited to evaluate our proposal and we should here something in March 2024.

We are applying for an ODFW grant to weld a cage (patent pending) onto the fish ladder so the salmon have multiple holes to come through thereby avoiding the Sea Lions. We also applied for section 408 checking by the Corp of Engineers.

Linn County to file a lawsuit against the Judges decision which was based on incomplete science. News article. Linn County article. Letter from Congress Women Chavez-DeRemer Letter to Judge about wrong decision.

Killing of the fish in Green Peter or the Klamath river is illegal. We are asking ODFW to charge these people with these crimes.